More than just the name” is our motto and is a perfect description of the Engraving Place. Mary Li, founder and hand engraver, started in the Jewellery industry and saw the need to move beyond simply selling and making jewellery. She felt the excessive amount of overseas factory made jewellery was making the art of Hand Engraving extinct. With her artistic flare, her experience in both Gemmology and Goldsmithing, and her family’s base in the jewellery industry she went abroad to learn the ancient art of hand engraving from one of the renowned master engravers, Sam Alfano. With this new found skill, after years of training and working along side other hand engravers she opened her own shop, ” The Engraving Place. “ Although she deals with many large corporate firms and fortune 500 companies, she has been lucky to be part of the most embraced cult sci-fi hit, The (enamoured) X-Files TV series (1993 -2002) and Movie.

Another of the more popular works that most people can identify with is Stargate SG-1. So the next time you see an alien inscription on a blade or badge, you will wonder, “Did Mary have a hand in doing that ? “ The Engraving Place is environmentally conscience and takes responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. They recycle all the silver, gold, platinum and other scrap metals. All of their print material is produced on recycled paper products. They have an in-house recycling program that works to minimize the amount of waste that their studio produces. They work hard to reuse everything that they can. All the Engraving and Jewellery Services are all done in-house at their downtown Vancouver studio. From creating a precious milestone jewellery, sourcing a stone, re-sizing a ring, repairing jewellery , engraving on Champagne Sabres or just getting a name engraved on a baby cup, with 20+ years of experience, Mary and her team are more than happy and dedicated to work with you and for you.


Our team of dedicated professionals (who first and foremost value your ideas) will produce something not only within your criteria and budget, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We are passionate about our craft and the quality of our workmanship. Visit us at our downtown Vancouver studio and let us help you create something beautiful and personal for that special occasion or person. One of The Engraving Place’s credo’s is “Anything is possible”. With more than twenty years experience, The Engraving Place is well known to both trade and retail clients for our ability to meet the most demanding schedules and the most challenging projects. The Engraving Place, more than just the name, says it all. In addition to engraving services we also offer custom made jeweller, jewellery repair, ring resizing, and stone setting and sourcing. With Mary’s background in jewellery and expertise in engraving “Anything is possible – just ask!”